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Managing credit is a challenge that we all face. No matter what level of income you earn, handling credit is a necessary skill. Anyone who has ever been denied credit understands how the lack of credit affects financial options and everyday life. Like most consumers, you probably dream of someday owning your own home, buying a new car, or taking your family on vacation. But, poor credit can be a roadblock to your ability to achieve these goals.

Your credit affects many areas of your life. For example, your credit worthiness will affect your ability to purchase goods and services on credit or to get a loan. If you have a good credit record, you are likely to receive lower interest rates which save you money.

Some employers review a job applicant’s credit report. Poor credit could mean that you are not offered a job. A potential landlord also may request credit bureau information for an applicant seeking an apartment. Landlords do not want tenants who are late paying rent.

As you can see, poor credit can be a huge obstacle to obtaining the good things you desire for yourself and your family. Similarly, a poor credit history impacts your ability to plan for the future. Follow the tips on this page to make sure that you don’t compromise your future.