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Keeping Your Business in the Green

Having access to small business financial consulting can make the difference between constant stress and constant success. Working with an NFCC member agency and learning more about taking control of your personal and business finances helps ensure your business is on track and stays there.

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Understanding Cash Flow to Keep Your Finances Flowing

Achieving a positive cash flow requires more than consistent effort but a full understanding. At the NFCC, we will help you not only improve your cash flow but also learn how to analyze and manage, plan for growth, and prepare for related cash outlays in advance so they do not come as a surprise.

Here to Help Balance Your Life and Your Business

  • What to do when Personal and Business credit mix.
  • Understanding Personal vs. Business credit scores.
  • How to understand and separate your Personal and Business finances.
  • The difference between Personal and Business credit cards, and which one is best for you.

Sharpen Your Financial Focus

The NFCC has joined forces with TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank®, to launch the NFCC small business financial counseling and education program.

This program focuses on your most pressing personal and business financial challenges resulting in an actionable plan you can follow.

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