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How Will the Government Shutdown Affect Tax Returns?

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve noticed that the United States government has been shut down since December 22. It’s still uncertain how long the government shutdown will go on. Of course, it’s tax return season as well. That begs the question, how will the government shutdown affect both the filing and receiving of your tax returns? The Good News Thankfully, there shouldn’t be an issue with your tax …Read More

Can I Pay Rent With a Credit Card?

Can you pay rent with your credit card? Yes, you can. It isn’t ideal, but if you’re a responsible spender it can actually be lucrative if you have a rewards card. A lot depends on the way your landlord wants to receive rent. If you have the option of paying through third-party services then you should be able to pay rent online with a credit card, albeit with a fee …Read More

#AskanExpert: Help, Multiple Credit Inquiries Hurt My Credit Score!

Q.  I submitted a request for an online personal loan and that kept sending me to different loan companies and they failed to tell me that all of them would be pulling my credit score and now my score lost 51 plus points in 3 days. Help me, please. Dear reader, Seeing your credit score drop so quickly can be intimidating, especially if you are actively looking for new credit. …Read More

How to Plan Your Retirement On the Go

It’s common knowledge that you should start planning for retirement early. Staying on track requires learning how to carve out savings and knowing how to manage it all to make sure you have enough when the time comes. Whether you’re in the early stages of the planning process or you’re further down the line and need help managing the money you’ve already set aside, your phone can help. Getting in …Read More

Get the Financial Help You Need During the Government Shutdown

The government shutdown is now causing many Americans to wonder how they will survive financially. By some estimates, 380,000 workers are furloughed indefinitely without pay, while an additional 420,000 are working without pay until the shutdown ends. With no immediate end in sight, more than 800,000 federal workers nationwide will be without a paycheck this Friday. This will be the first payroll distribution affected by the shutdown.   The Federal …Read More

#AskanExpert: Will Husband Filing Bankruptcy Impact My Credit?

Q. My husband and I have a credit card together. I just found out that he has been using the card and there’s a large amount due. He is filing for bankruptcy. We have no other cards together or other accounts together. I can’t afford to pay the minimum requirement on the card. He has just started the bankruptcy process; I did not file. Do I have any options to …Read More

4 Financial New Year’s Resolutions Anyone Can Make

It’s a situation familiar to many Americans: After indulging during the holiday season, the new year rolls around and it seems there’s no better time to make a permanent lifestyle change than Jan. 1. However, statistics suggest that just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions.   For those with money issues who want to improve their financial situation by Dec. 31 of next year, however, there are ways …Read More

#AskanExpert: How Can I Move My Personal Credit Card Debt to My LLC?

Q. How can I move my personal credit card debt to my LLC? I started a company but I funded it with my personal credit cards first. Now I would like to move those expenses to my company’s LLC. Dear reader, As a business owner, it’s wise to keep your personal and business finances separate. It’s easier said than done, especially when you are starting out. It’s not uncommon for …Read More

How to Keep Your Digital Currency and Online Transactions Safe

Smartphones provide nearly everything we need for communication, travel, entertainment, and even financial tasks like shopping and banking. With the popularity of payment apps like Venmo, Apple Pay, and PayPal, carrying our wallets is no longer essential. However, there are some drawbacks to using your smartphone for digital currency and online transactions, including the rise in cybersecurity risks. How can we enjoy the freedom and flexibility of these services while …Read More

#AskanExpert: Should I Use My Social Security to Fund My Children’s Retirement?

Q. I have more than enough to fund my retirement and I plan on retiring by age 62. I am considering taking my Social Security payout at age 62 and investing it in fairly aggressive stock funds for each of my two kids. I would like to put it into a trust that wouldn’t allow them to access the money until they are 60 years old to help fund their retirement. …Read More