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Understanding the Terms of Your Business’ First Office Lease

Your first office lease represents an important step for your growing business. It marks a significant milestone you should celebrate, a culmination of the hours you’ve spent hard at work. You’ve shown a commitment to your ideas, a dedication to your employees, and now, your time and effort have paid off. That said, a commercial lease may not look like the kind of lease you’re familiar with. It has industry-specific …Read More

Can I Trust the Credit Counseling Agencies?

#AskanExpert: Question for Erica Sandberg of CreditCards.com Dear Erica, I remember hearing that most of the credit counseling agencies were in cahoots with the credit card companies, and did not have the consumer’s best interest at heart. Due to health problems, I’ve not been working for way too long and am in a huge amount of debt. I’m at the point where I need to figure out if it’s best …Read More

Is Credit Repair Worthwhile or Worthless?

Credit repair signs pop up all over, advertising help for those with bad credit histories starting at just $99.95 per month. Are these services legitimate, or are you being lured into a scam?  Here’s what you need to know.   Some credit repair companies are scams, but not all are illegitimate. The FTC has charged many unscrupulous credit repair organizations with deceptive business practices, forcing such companies to shut down their …Read More

6 Credit Traps That Await Divorcing Couples

The divorce itself doesn’t affect your credit score, but watch out for these common scenarios that most definitely do. Just as your credit scores don’t merge when you get married, they don’t experience any automatic hit or boost when you divorce. The divorce itself is not factored into your credit score whatsoever. However, the process of untangling financially from your ex could leave a mark on your credit file for …Read More

5 Ways to Use Your Tax Refund to Grow Your Business

Tax season means that if you haven’t filed yet, it’s time to get to it and calculate your potential refund from the IRS. If you have already filed and are awaiting said refund, you’re probably spending some time dreaming about the things you could do with it.   Sure, you can take a vacation, put money into an emergency fund, or buy something you’ve had your eye on. These are …Read More

Join Us for Financial Literacy Survey #FinFitChat April 9 at 3pm ET!

  Follow #FinFitChat as we’ll be discussing this year’s findings from our 2019 Financial Literacy Survey with @Experian!  Make plans to join our #FinFitChat on Twitter on Tuesday April 9 at 3pm EDT! There will be 2 chances to win an Amazon gift card!  1-$50 Amazon gift card 2-$25 Amazon gift card Use #FinFitChat to participate. For an easy way to keep track of the conversation, try using TweetChat. Questions we’ll discuss: Q1. …Read More

Time Management for Small Business Owners

Time is money as they say, and that’s especially true when it comes to running your small business. Here are four steps you can take to ensure your time is being spent well:   Set Goals and Plan Your Day Lewis Carrol once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” The first and most important step in effective time management is figuring …Read More

#AskanExpert: Can a Student Loan from 1990 be Forgiven?

Q. I have an outstanding student loan from 1990. I have seen information to the effect that the loan can be forgiven after 25 years. Is this true? If so, could I hire you to facilitate it? I can’t get through their phone line. Dear reader,   It’s true that there are federal student loan repayment programs that will forgive any outstanding student loan amount after 20 or 25 years …Read More

5 Tips on Reducing Financial Risk For Your Business

Has anyone ever told you that starting a business was risky? While this is true, anything in life that you do likely has some risk associated with it. So why do you do it? It’s likely because you have identified the risks and figured out how you’d reduce them. Plus, the reward surely outweighed the risk.   The same can be said about your business. The Bureau of Labor Statistics …Read More

Join Us for Our Tax Return Themed #FinFitChat March 26th at 3pm ET!

Follow #FinFitChat as we discuss planning for your tax refund, how to handle an unexpected tax bill and more!  Make plans to join our #FinFitChat on Twitter on Tuesday March 26th at 3pm EDT! There will be 2 chances to win an Amazon gift card!  1-$25 Amazon gift card 2-$15 Amazon gift card Use #FinFitChat to participate. For an easy way to keep track of the conversation, try using TweetChat. Questions we’ll discuss: …Read More