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Financial Spring Cleaning: Tips For Tidying Up Your Finances

For many Americans, the onset of spring and fresh air outside means spring cleaning inside. It’s time to swap winter clothes for spring/summer ones and to get rid of the dust and clutter that’s built up over the cold months. Spring also is a great time to put your finances in order and save money in the process.The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) suggests the following tips for tidying …Read More

NFCC and Divvy Homes Partnership Helps Renters Become Homeowners

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) and Divvy Homes are partnering to help renters take steps toward affordable, sustainable homeownership. The program, which also involves NFCC Member agency, Money Management International (MMI), will provide prospective home owners with access to a dedicated coach through the Envisioning Home Ownership (EHO) program announced in June of 2018. The coaches, all of whom are NFCC Certified Housing Counselors, will work with each individual to …Read More

Twelve Steps to Financial Success

Getting on track financially takes work and a commitment to success.  Changing the way you manage your money requires you to take inventory and create a plan. If you have debt to pay off, it can take endurance, often requires sacrifice and can be uncomfortable at times. To get started on the road to financial success, the NFCC offers the following 12-steps: 1. Review your credit report – Much of your …Read More

#AskanExpert: What’s the best way to handle a student loan in default?

Q. I have a question regarding a student loan that has gone into default. I’ve reached out to the collection agency and have been given three options for paying off the loan. 1) I can pay off the loan in full immediately (including fees and interest). The result would be that on my credit report I would have a default remaining and the notation would read ‘paid in full in …Read More

5 Options Better Than Taking Out a Bad Business Loan

Like it or not, the business world is rife with opportunities for small business owners to take on business loans that hurt their company in the long run. This happens because cash flow management is one of the most difficult parts of owning a small business. One client doesn’t pay their invoice on time, and suddenly you’re having trouble making payroll, or fulfilling obligations to vendors. Complicating things further, some …Read More

Why the Future of Financial Health Matters to the NFCC Staff

Each year the Center for Financial Services Innovation promotes a Financial Health Matters Day in an effort to raise awareness and dialog with consumers about the importance of financial education. According to CFSI’s Financial Health Pulse, only 28% of Americans are financially healthy. As a CFSI network member, the NFCC has joined in the efforts to raise awareness and work towards a future where all Americans are financially healthy.   …Read More

Understanding the Terms of Your Business’ First Office Lease

Your first office lease represents an important step for your growing business. It marks a significant milestone you should celebrate, a culmination of the hours you’ve spent hard at work. You’ve shown a commitment to your ideas, a dedication to your employees, and now, your time and effort have paid off. That said, a commercial lease may not look like the kind of lease you’re familiar with. It has industry-specific …Read More

Can I Trust the Credit Counseling Agencies?

#AskanExpert: Question for Erica Sandberg of CreditCards.com Dear Erica, I remember hearing that most of the credit counseling agencies were in cahoots with the credit card companies, and did not have the consumer’s best interest at heart. Due to health problems, I’ve not been working for way too long and am in a huge amount of debt. I’m at the point where I need to figure out if it’s best …Read More

Is Credit Repair Worthwhile or Worthless?

Credit repair signs pop up all over, advertising help for those with bad credit histories starting at just $99.95 per month. Are these services legitimate, or are you being lured into a scam?  Here’s what you need to know.   Some credit repair companies are scams, but not all are illegitimate. The FTC has charged many unscrupulous credit repair organizations with deceptive business practices, forcing such companies to shut down their …Read More

6 Credit Traps That Await Divorcing Couples

The divorce itself doesn’t affect your credit score, but watch out for these common scenarios that most definitely do. Just as your credit scores don’t merge when you get married, they don’t experience any automatic hit or boost when you divorce. The divorce itself is not factored into your credit score whatsoever. However, the process of untangling financially from your ex could leave a mark on your credit file for …Read More