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Minimizing Hardship and Maximizing Hope for Renters Everywhere

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Keeping Renters in Mind

The economic impact of the pandemic has left so many Americans financially vulnerable, especially renters. Income loss and unemployment are two major setbacks that renters have faced, often without the financial resources to recover. The NFCC certified credit counselors are here to help you get on track with your financial goals and look forward with confidence.

Ready to connect or learn more about the program?
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Take Charge of Your Financial Well-Being

NFCC certified credit counselors will work directly with you to help you achieve greater financial security. Our agency counseling services are ready and in place to support you no matter where you are in your financial journey. Taking the first step forward is a step toward a bright financial future.

A Program That Makes All the Difference

Increase Counseling Support

Giving renters access to unbiased third-party professionals that can provide them with the right guidance and tools to meet their financial and housing goals.

Owner’s Assistance

Supporting renters’ financial stability, assisting renters in accessing rental relief, and helping to develop rent repayment plans that are sustainable for both renters and owners.

Improve Long-term Financial Security

Providing assistance with budgeting, improving credit, addressing debt challenges, and increasing familiarity and engagement with traditional financial services.

Stabilize Renters Impacted by COVID-19

Helping renters get caught up on missed rent payments and maintain their housing with access to rental assistance or a rent repayment plan.