5 Ways to Keep Bank Accounts Cool During Hot Summer Months

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By Tara Carter
Temperatures are heating up this summer, but that doesn’t mean you’re spending has to increase with these hot temperatures. Here are 5 ways to help keep spending under control, and bank accounts cool this summer:  
1) Set a Budget 
Pay attention to spending habits so you don’t end up spending more than you earn. Over spending is a quick way to lead yourself into poor financial health and debt. Set spending limits for each month to help you keep track of your spending, and save money.
2) Shop Smart
Summer is full of sales and special offers, so take advantage of as many deals as you can afford in order to save money on things like clothes and items for the house! You can also take advantage of keeping coupons to help save in other areas like grocery shopping as well.
3) Set Money Aside
It’s important to save money year round, and to make saving a little more fun during the summer, try putting a summer savings aside each month, and at the end of the season you can use the money for something fun! This way, you save a small amount each month, and won’t have to spend a large amount all at once.
4) Use Cash
Instead of carrying around your debit and credit cards, use cash on your outings to prevent unwanted spending. Unlike your cards, your spending is limited to the Money you have on hand. When that runs out, the shopping ends. Leaving the credit cards at home make it much easier to stick to a daily budget using cash only.
5) Free!
Everyone’s favorite word. Instead of spending money on fun activities, look up free events in your area to save money on entertainment. This will leave more room for setting money aside in a savings account to cover periodic expenses or unexpected emergencies.
Now that you’ve got these 5 starter tips on how to keep you’re spending under control this summer, apply them to your everyday lifestyle and watch your savings grow!