3 Ways Your Credit Cards Can Make Halloween More Affordable

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For many people, October means the arrival of cooler weather, the beginning of the autumn season, and the start of the endless fall of leaves that must be raked. But for others — of all ages — October means just one thing: Halloween.
Yes, Halloween isn’t just for the kids these days; nearly 70% of consumers plan to celebrate Halloween this year, and they’ll spend an estimated $9 billion doing it. In fact, the average celebrant is expected to spend a whopping $87 on costumes, candy, pumpkins, and other Halloween paraphernalia.
With the average per person Halloween expenditure pushing the $100 mark, it’s a good idea to find ways to save that won’t take the party out of costume party. Your credit cards, for example, can unlock a few savings opportunities that can put a little more candy in your bucket. Just remember not to charge more than you can repay in a timely manner to avoid interest fees.

Maximize Your Purchase Rewards

Credit card rewards are a popular way to earn a little back on nearly any purchase, and Halloween goodies are no exception. You can earn cash back, points, or miles on all of your spooky supplies, putting a little extra in your budget for the holidays to come.
What’s more, with a little planning, you can boost your earnings by taking advantage of credit card bonus rewards categories. For example, if you’re purchasing your costume from Amazon.com this year, use a card that offers bonus rewards for Amazon purchases.
Using the wrong card for your purchases can leave rewards on the table, so be sure to pick the card with the best rewards for each purchase. Comparison sites, like CardRates.com, can help you sort through the dozens of rewards cards options to find the best way to maximize your Halloween rewards.

Use Issuer Shopping Portals for Extra Discounts

One good way to save with your credit card has less to do with the card itself — and everything to do with the issuing bank. Most credit card issuers these days offer cardholders access to special shopping portals that provide special discounts and bonus rewards offers.
Most issuer shopping portals simply connect you with an online retailer and provide an automatic discount at checkout. Other discount programs give you extra purchase rewards, like bonus cash back, on purchases made through the portal. Shopping portals can typically be accessed through the online banking page or mobile app, making it easy to search for extra savings.

Don’t Forget to Use Credit Card Purchase Protections

This method of savings won’t get you a discount, but it can still save you money in the long run. That’s because many credit cards come with built-in purchase benefits that can save you a ton of money when that pricey fog machine suddenly dies, or the 10-foot inflatable pirate ship sprouts a leak.
Purchase protection can cover lost or stolen goods, typically within 90 days of purchase, and many credit cards will extend a manufacturer’s warranty by a year or more, eliminating the need for pricey store extended warranties. A handful of credit cards also come with price protection, which can reimburse you for the difference if you find the same item at a lower price within 60 days of your purchase.
Check your credit card benefits documentation to see what protections are offered by your credit card. Most purchase benefits have coverage limits and restrictions, so do your homework before making a big purchase with the wrong credit card.

About the Author: Ashley Dull is the Finance Editor at Digital Brands, Inc., where she oversees content published on CardRates.com and BadCredit.org. Ashley works closely with experts and industry leaders in every sector of finance to develop authoritative guides, news and advice articles with regards to audience interest.
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