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First-time Homebuyer Counseling

For many of us, owning a home is the dream. If homeownership is your dream too, having realistic goals, getting sound advice, engaging in careful planning, and developing a clear understanding of the costs involved can help make it your reality.

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Homeownership has many advantages, but it also leads to taking on some obligations. That’s why taking a realistic look at whether homeownership is right for you by participating in first-time home buyer counseling is a good first step.

NFCC first-time home buyer counseling can help you make that determination. The housing counselors you work with can address your questions and conduct a financial review to identify ways you can prepare your finances for the home buying and mortgage processes.  First-time home buyer counseling will also help you understand the implications of the financial commitment you are about to undertake. Your counselor will also serve as an ongoing resource you can count on every step of the way—and long after you’ve moved in.

The resources on this page will also help address your questions and concerns, giving you greater confidence as you decide whether homeownership is right for you.

In their own words: Hear from people we’ve helped

Amanda V.

My goal since high school has been to own my own home by the age of 30. I met that goal on June 26, 2018, ten days before my 29th birthday. But it wasn’t easy.

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