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NFCC and Piere Partner to Help Consumers Manage Debt

June 19, 2024

The pilot partnership will provide Piere users access to nonprofit financial education and personalized credit counseling from members of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling and provide Piere’s intelligent personal financial management tools to NFCC clients.

Washington, DC – The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), a leading nonprofit provider of credit counseling and financial education services, and Piere, a next-generation personal financial management platform, are pleased to announce a pilot partnership that brings together financial education and actionable tools to empower consumers on their debt relief and financial management journey.

Piere offers a comprehensive view of a user’s finances across all institutions in a manner of seconds, coupled with financial management tools that support long-term financial health and stability. Through partnerships with organizations like NFCC, Piere equips consumers with the tools they need before, during, and after credit counseling.

“We are excited about the potential impact of this partnership with Piere to empower consumers on their path to financial wellness, particularly by providing them with the tools and resources they need to connect with a certified NFCC counselor at the most appropriate time,” said Mike Croxson, CEO of NFCC.  “This ensures we meet consumers where they are in their journey, so they have the guidance they need and can connect with an NFCC agency when they are ready for counseling. Together we can help people overcome financial challenges and regain control of their debt with help from NFCC certified credit counselors.”

Piere will enhance its existing users’ experience with access to NFCC’s financial education and credit counseling and will also extend its advanced financial management tools to clients of NFCC. These resources are designed to help NFCC clients better manage their budgets, track expenses, and set financial goals.

Yuval Shuminer, Founder and CEO of Piere, added “Our goal is to equip users with comprehensive financial management solutions. This partnership with NFCC allows us to offer these essential tools to a wider audience, ensuring that more individuals have the resources they need to achieve financial control and freedom.”

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