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    Find Debt Relief With NFCC Member Services

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    • Carole Caroll - New York

      "It's a learning process. I needed to feel like I was going to solve my problem. It has given me my smile back. I value that more than gold."
    • Francine Bostic - Kansas

      "Finally, … I called. It was probably the greatest thing I ever did. Once we met with our counselor, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted."
    • Kandy Hildebrandt - Wisconsin

      "Realize you need to get help. Be willing to get the help you need and then do what they say."
    • Wendell Ramage - Georgia

      "Credit cards are not evil. It was my irresponsibility; I did it to myself. I just wish we had known about Credit Counseling Services earlier than we did."
    • Jerry Bailey - Michigan

      "The counselor's aim was to really help us participate in a program that would get us out of debt over time. Don't wait. This saved our lives financially. It gave us our lives back."
    • Barbara Vinson - Georgia

      "The best thing I did was to go to CCCS, and get them to set me up to pay off my debts."
    • Linda Burton - Arkansas

      "I needed someone to help me get through the tangle. The biggest problem I faced was the uncertainty about how the process was supposed to work. My counselor helped me deal with all of this."
    • Hope Unverzagt - Wisconsin

      "Our marriage is stronger, and the only debt we have is our mortgage. We are so thankful for the part CCCS, an NFCC member agency, has played in bringing us to this place in our lives."
    • Vicky Riley - Pennsylvania

      "My counselor was very kind and professional. She put me at ease at a time when my nerves were really strained."

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