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Creating a Plan Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

Restoring Hope in Your Financial Future

Whether you are saddled with student loans, facing a mountain of credit card debt, or dealing with a temporary setback—we can help. Debt management can be a blur, but we’re here to paint a clearer picture on how to achieve a thriving financial future.

How We Help

A System That Works for Everyone

While financial situations may differ from person to person, debt can feel overwhelming no matter the amount. In just one session, typically 30 minutes to an hour, an NFCC Certified Counselor will speak with you about your current financial circumstances and help create an actionable plan to tackle your debt. No loans. No hidden fees. No hassle With our concrete, proven solutions, we can help you navigate your future with ease.

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Stop collection calls
Consolidate bills into smaller monthly payments
Lower interest rates regardless of credit score
Eliminate late fees and over the limit charges
Pay off your debt faster
Improve your money habits
Why Work With a Nonprofit?
No One is Turned Away

As a nonprofit organization, we recognize the systemic racial inequalities that still exist in our society today. We are proud to provide equal access to debt management expertise, resources, and support for every individual that comes our way. Our broad network of strategic partners is at the core of our success. By maintaining relationships with some of the banks or creditors you may owe money to, and consistently partnering with reputable agencies, we help consolidate debt, offer affordable repayment programs, negotiate payment terms, and in some cases a longer payback period for your debt. We are in it for you, and your financial future ahead.