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Personal empowerment

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling and its members are committed to empowering people to take charge of their finances and futures. We research and measure the impact of nonprofit financial counseling and education over time, and keep a pulse on changing consumer financial literacy needs and personal finance challenges.

The difference counseling can make

The positive client impact of nonprofit counseling is revealed in this groundbreaking study of the NFCC Sharpen Your Financial Focus program, led by independent researchers from The Ohio State University.

Research Reveals Positive Impact of Financial Counseling

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Executive Summary: Evaluation of Outcomes

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Full Research Study: Sharpen Your Financial Focus Impact Evaluation

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Consumer Financial Health Trends

The annual NFCC Consumer Financial Literacy Survey provides a fresh look at American’s financial knowledge, as well as trends associated with personal finance challenges and priorities including retirement, savings, credit card debt, student loan debt and more.

Envisioning Home Ownership Survey Reveals Many Credit Counseling Clients Aspire to Homeownership

NFCC’s Sharpen Your Financial Focus results showed that counseled clients have stronger financial positions and newfound confidence. The Envisioning Homeownership program builds on these successes by helping clients attain affordable and sustainable homeownership with the continued assistance of an NFCC Certified Financial Counselor.

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