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Bankruptcy Counseling

Bankruptcy is a court proceeding that leads to the legal discharge of obligations to pay certain debts. The bankruptcy laws provide a debtor who has run out of financial options, the opportunity to obtain a “fresh start.” It is not a simple procedure, nor is it a simple decision to file for bankruptcy. Due to the consequences, it is one of the most serious financial decisions anyone can make.


A pre-bankruptcy credit counseling session with an NFCC Certified Credit and Debt Counselor will help ensure a full understanding of the potential advantages, disadvantages and alternatives to declaring bankruptcy before taking action. Banktrupcy counseling is mandatory for some forms of personal bankruptcy, and NFCC member agencies are approved by the Executive Office of the United States (EOUST) to provide that service in fulfillment of the filing requirement.


For more information on bankruptcy and frequently asked questions about the process, check out the NFCC’s bankruptcy information page.


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