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How do I become a credit counselor?

To become a Certified Consumer Credit Counselor requires an understanding of the theories, principles, issues, counseling techniques, and forms that are applicable to credit and financial counseling. The required subjects (Books 1-6) are: (1) Basic Counseling Principles, (2) Budgeting, (3) Credit, (4) Collections & Debt Management, (5) Consumer Rights & Responsibilities, and (6) Bankruptcy. Each book includes objectives, key concepts, and review questions. Each section of the counselor certification examination consists of a variety of multiple-choice questions.
Once certification is obtained, counselors are expected to maintain and aspire to the highest possible level of professional development. Counselors are initially certified for two years and must submit annual documentation of continuing development. A certified counselor must accumulate a minimum of 20 Professional Development Units (PDUs) each two years to maintain certification. Professional development and continuing education areas that fulfill the PDUs requirement include such activities as direct counseling, association memberships, attendance at workshops and conferences, teaching, as well as publishing and research activities.
Only NFCC member agency employees can receive certification through NFCC’s Counselor Certification Program.