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#AskanExpert: Our Car Payments are Too High, What Options Are There Other Than Refinancing?

Q. My husband and I recently separated from Active Duty Air Force. We have two vehicles with high payments that we will no longer be able to afford. I’m not sure refinancing would help because our credit is in the low-mid 600s and we still owe a lot on both vehicles. Are there options other than refinancing? Dear Reader, First and foremost, thank you for your service to our country! …Read More

YouTube Live: Credit 101 and How to Improve Your Credit Score

Make plans to join our YouTube Live Expert Panel featuring Rod Griffin from Experian, Kim Cole from Navicore, and Bruce McClary from the NFCC as they discuss Credit 101 and How to Improve Your Credit Score on Tuesday September 11 at 4pmEDT! There will be a $25 Amazon gift card giveaway to one lucky viewer! To join us go to the link below! *In order to win you must be present …Read More

5 Ways Car Insurance Companies Determine Your Premium

When it comes to car insurance, most people realize there are many factors that go into determining your risk and ultimately how much you pay. Some might be obvious, others … not so much. Here are just a few of the things insurers consider when calculating your car insurance rate.   The City (or Town) You Live In   If you’re an urban dweller, you may have a higher insurance …Read More

#AskanExpert: I Can’t Afford My Credit Card Payment. What Should I Do?

Q. I can’t pay my credit debts. My job got eliminated and my husband had a stroke and  is permanently disabled. Interest rates are horrible and I’m over my limit on all my cards because of them. I can’t afford the full payment, so I have been sending them half. What should I do?   Dear reader, Sometimes difficult situations beyond your control can land in you in tough financial …Read More

What You Should Know Before Filing for Bankruptcy as a Military Member

If you’re a service member or military veteran considering bankruptcy, you’re not alone. According to the National Bankruptcy Forum, more than 750,000 Americans file for bankruptcy each year, as do 1 in 10 active-duty personnel.   There are pros and cons to filing when you’re in the military. While you enjoy certain advantages over filing as a civilian, an improperly handled bankruptcy may have an impact on your security clearance. …Read More

Why Mortgage Credit Scores Are Different Than Consumer Scores

Qualifying credit is a cornerstone of a home loan application. Mortgage lenders use credit scores to help assess a potential homebuyer’s ability to make steady, on-time payments. Given the weight of credit scores in the mortgage market, hopeful homebuyers should absolutely look into their credit before applying for a loan.   We’re fortunate to live in a time when consumers have easy access to their credit scores. Services like Credit …Read More

5 Numbers Every Business Owner Needs to Know by Heart

Numbers dance around business owners’ heads all night long. How much do I need to make payroll this month? When will I run out of inventory this month? What will my tax bill be when April hits?   It’s no surprise that keeping track of those ever-changing numbers is a job unto itself — small business owners are often the CEO, sales department, accounting, marketing, business development, and sole employee …Read More

#AskanExpert: How can my physically disabled daughter best receive counseling for her student loan debt?

Q. My daughter owes about $15,000 in student loan debt. She is physically disabled. She works only part-time for a 501c3 organization. How can she best receive counseling for repayment and/or forgiveness on her student loan debt? Dear reader, The best way for your daughter to receive the student loan counseling she needs is to talk to a specialized NFCC- certified credit counselor or to a credit counselor in your …Read More


Follow #NFCCtips as we discuss findings from our annual financial literacy survey on the knowledge of personal finance!  Make plans to join our #NFCCtips Twitter Chat on Thursday, August 30th at 3pm EDT as we discuss more findings from our Financial Literacy Survey! There will be 3 chances to win an Amazon gift card!  1-$50 Amazon gift card 2-$25 Amazon gift card 3-$10 Amazon gift card Use #NFCCtips to participate. For an easy way …Read More

Getting the Kids Back to School Without Breaking the Bank 

Getting even youngsters ready to go back to school can cost a family hundreds of dollars — and the cost only goes up from there, with the cost of outfitting a high-school or college student climbing into the four-digit range.    Between clothes, classroom supplies, and the increasingly necessary technology purchases, finding any savings you can is the key to avoiding breaking the bank while getting the kids back to school. Thankfully, …Read More