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The Gold Standard

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling® is considered the Gold Standard in the financial counseling sector. The NFCC® is the brand that consumer advocates point to when recommending financial counseling and that consumers look to when seeking assistance.

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To be eligible for membership, you must currently:

  • Be a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Be duly qualified and existing under the laws of the District of Columbia, or any states or territory of the United States of America.
  • Provide financial counseling services and act in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations. Contact your state government for requirements.
  • Maintain accreditation through the Council on Accreditation (COA) or ISO 9001 certification through Bureau Veritas.
  • Comply with the NFCC’s Member Quality Standards.

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How the NFCC Can Help Your Agency

Credibility and Brand Recognition With strong endorsements and national brand recognition, significant and continuous exposure is gained each year through the information and materials we provide to consumers. Our national toll-free number and website information are available 24/7, enabling consumers to be directed to an NFCC member agency for professional help. Respected financial experts and community organizations—such as Jean Chatzky, Suze Orman and the United Way Worldwide—recommend the NFCC and our members for professional and consumer-centric assistance. National Locator Lines Our locator line, CARD Act locator line and online agency locator system provide consumers with 24/7 access to member agencies based on both the type of service requested, and the channel of service preferred (in-person, telephone or internet).   Legislation Affairs and Regulation The NFCC maintains an active dialogue with federal agencies, and congressional offices to ensure that the consumer’s voice is represented in relevant legislation. In recent years, with changes to the bankruptcy law and the arrival of the housing crisis, the NFCC stepped forward to provide leadership for its membership through capacity-expansion funding, legislative and regulatory information, and consumer educational materials. NFCC members comprise the great majority of Executive Office for United States Trustees (EOUST)-approved organizations to provide bankruptcy-related counseling and education services to consumers.   Media Relations The NFCC is the primary source for news and information in the credit counseling sector. Every major news outlet, including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and CNN, seeks our comments and perspective.   Strategic Supporters The NFCC works with prominent organizations such as the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Coast Guard Military Assistance, United Way Worldwide, and the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP). As a result, we come endorsed to their members representing millions of consumers.

Grants The NFCC seeks funding on many fronts and researches the availability of grants for service. The NFCC housing, foreclosure, and reverse mortgage counseling efforts provide ongoing funding to our participating agencies for these services. On the housing front the NFCC, as a national intermediary for foreclosure-prevention counseling, is a top recipient of government funding. We work closely with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and NeighborWorks America to match NFCC programs to their goals thus, maximizing your chances of earning grants. Creditor Relations We maintain ongoing relationships with key financial institutions at a variety of levels. In addition to direct interaction with individual creditors, we collaborate via the NFCC Advisory Council, which includes representatives from the top 10 creditors, on both process and policy issues significant to the credit counseling sector. Member Communications NFCC members gain access to credit counseling sector and organizational news and information through broadcast email communications, newsletters, and blogs. The Member Services section of the NFCC website provides members with exclusive information and valuable resources.   Networking We recognize your need to connect with other agencies to discuss issues and challenges you face, and to celebrate the hard work you accomplish on behalf of consumers across the country. We provide our members with education and networking opportunities through our Annual Leaders Conference, webinars, conference calls, and online forums. These opportunities facilitate discussions with sector peers, major creditors, advocacy groups, and government officials. The NFCC provides the tools and resources to help your agency succeed in its mission. To learn more about joining the NFCC, contact Pam Carter, Senior Director of Membership, at 202.677.4318 or pcarter@nfcc.org. For more about our accreditation process, click here.