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Who we help.

A trusted source, NFCC Member Agencies are here for you.

Everyone. Debt doesn’t discriminate. We make it our mission to help all types of people who want a more secure financial future. You are not alone in your journey—we are here to help pave the way.

How it works.

NFCC-certified credit counselors are ready to help you with a personalized action plan and resources regardless of your income or financial status.

  1. Connect with an NFCC-certified credit counselor for a confidential consultation
  2. Participate in a one-on-one review of your financial goals and budget
  3. Create a personalized financial action plan

Clear Benefits.

  • Stop collection calls
  • Lower interest rates
  • One monthly payment
  • No hidden fees
  • Affordable solutions
  • Improve financial health

Beyond our credentials and our decades of service as a nonprofit financial counseling organization, what we offer is hope. The kind of hope that allows you to envision a bright financial future that is achievable and sustainable.

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Conquering Debt: Practical Tips for Financial Freedom

Debt can feel like an insurmountable mountain looming over your financial landscape. It’s a burden that weighs heavy on the shoulders of many Americans, as revealed by the 2024 NFCC Financial Literacy and Preparedness Survey. With 2 in 5 Americans carrying an average of about $5,000 in credit card debt each month, and 1 in […]

Teach Your Children to Save Money With These Expert Tips

Did you know April 27th is National Teach Children to Save Day? This year, take a step beyond simply giving a piggy bank and provide the gift of lifelong financial wisdom to your young ones. Learning to save is a crucial life skill that can secure their financial well-being and foster a sense of responsibility […]

Our 2024 Financial Resolutions Check-In

Spring is the perfect time to pause and reflect on your 2024 financial resolutions. Whether you’ve been knocking them out of the park, hit a few snags, or are still waiting to get off the bench, this is your friendly nudge to take stock of your progress, tweak those goals if needed, and maybe even […]

How to Make a Financial Plan and Finally Achieve Your Goals

If you have a financial goal that you’re not making any progress toward, there’s probably something you’re missing: a plan. Without a plan in place, you might find yourself perpetually putting things like saving money and paying off debt for tomorrow. In the meantime, tomorrow can turn into months or even years.  But your financial […]

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Creating a plan today for a brighter tomorrow.

Creating a plan today for a brighter tomorrow.

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Your work and business vision have changed the trajectory of my life. You’ve impacted my legacy, how I walk, how I talk, how I live, parent and love. I am different. I am free.

Johnika Dreher
Client, NFCC Member Agency Money Management International

We realized that we had more expenses than income. My counselor helped me prioritize my expenses and informed me of options to handle my debt. She provided suggestions on how to balance our budget.

Apprisen Client

My daughter referred me! This program will help me pay off the debt faster and free up some money to start putting toward my retirement fund.

InCharge Debt Solutions Client

I am only in the beginning stages but, so far, everything in my “plan” to financial stability seems to be going smoothly. I feel more prepared to handle my financial situation.

GreenPath Financial Wellness Client
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Better financial futures for all.

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