Housing Pilot Member Application

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling has a long-standing legacy of unwavering support for its members who are nonprofit credit and housing counseling agencies. Throughout its history, the NFCC has been dedicated to empowering individuals and families to achieve their housing goals through comprehensive counseling and education programs. As a trusted organization, the NFCC ensures that its members have access to the resources, training, and guidance needed to provide high-quality housing counseling services to their clients.

Recognizing that the need for counseling is especially important for people seeking access to affordable housing and for those struggling to preserve homeownership in this challenging economy, the NFCC is launching a new housing counseling membership pilot that removes the requirement for applicant agencies to offer credit counseling and debt management programs. This means that any HUD-approved housing counseling agency can now apply for membership in the NFCC and benefit from access to funding through the intermediary, access to exclusive non-federal funding, member-focused knowledge-sharing and best practices, and a range of supports enhancing the overall effectiveness of HUD-approved housing counseling nationwide.

Housing Agency Pilot Member Quality Standards

Before completing the online application, please download and review the summary of quality standards that are a baseline requirement for becoming an NFCC member in the housing agency pilot.

Housing Pilot Member Quality Standards

Member Dues Worksheet

This downloadable tool is used to estimate the annual cost of membership for your agency. These dues are based on the overall revenue and size of your agency and are set to appropriately factor the full value and range of benefits available to NFCC members.

Member Dues Worksheet

Who We Are

Dedicated to educating Americans about how to reduce personal or household debt responsibly, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) is a trusted, nationwide resource for education and support in building financial management skills. Through its network of nonprofit agencies and certified counselors, the NFCC offers impactful approaches to debt reduction and improved credit standing, whether consumers are struggling with credit card debt, decisions about housing, or student loans.