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  • Agency HUD Certification HUD 9902 Form
  • List of counselor names providing housing counseling services, and their HUD certificates
  • Additional Policies and Procedures for housing counseling that your agency may have
  • Latest bank account statement
  • A complete copy of most recently completed audit report
  • A copy of most recent versions of your 990 and 990T
  • A list of all governing board members including names, employers, titles, contact information, compensation by Applicant, if any
  • A Board Resolution supporting your efforts to gain membership in the NFCC, indicating the date of the meeting in which it was approved Insurance certificates for Directors and Officers, Errors and Omissions and Dishonesty Bond
  • Fee policy
  • Code of Conduct
  • An example of current consumer facing advertising messages, if any
  • Policies and procedures for grievances
  • Nepotism policy
  • Data security policies and procedures
  • Dues Worksheet

About the NFCC.

Founded in 1951, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling is the oldest nonprofit dedicated to improving people’s financial well-being. With 1,215 NFCC Certified Credit Counselors serving 50 states and all U.S. territories, NFCC nonprofit counselors are financial advocates, empowering millions of consumers to take charge of their finances through one-on-one financial reviews that address credit card debt, student loans, housing decisions, and overall money management.