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Buying a home for the first time can be overwhelming for anyone. And when you’re a service member or veteran, you also have to learn how to factor in your military housing benefits (Basic Allowance for Housing, or BAH) and apply for a VA loan. NFCC strives to make this process easier for members of the military community, taking the headache out of homebuying and setting your family up for long-term financial success.   One-on-One Coaching NFCC offers confidential housing counseling to help you and your family feel more confident in your homebuying decisions. Wondering how to qualify? Curious about what programs are available? Looking for low-income assistance to apply for a home loan? Let us help you find the information you need. For services not offered by NFCC, we are happy to point you to third-party resources tailored to DoD and VA stakeholders. Below we describe some resources that we hope will help you get started. Contact an NFCC-certified counselor today.   Using Your VA Home Loan Benefit Watch this video to learn the benefits of using VA home loans: Start your homebuying process by getting a better understanding of all the steps involved in VA loan processing. Don’t get caught off guard by the paperwork and claims you’ll need to file.

  • Scroll about halfway down this page to read the steps to using the benefits you’ve earned. Keep reading all the way to the end of the page to get all the important details.
  • HUD-approved housing counseling agencies also offer free or low-cost buyer education workshops where you can ask questions of the experts and get tips for finding a real estate agent familiar with VA loan processing. Find a counseling agency in your state.

Determining Your Eligibility for a VA Home Loan Whether you’re eligible for a VA home loan and how much of a loan you qualify for depends on a number of factors.

Looking for a Mortgage Not all VA loans use the same interest rate. It’s best to shop around.

Setting Your Budget Figuring out how much house you can afford can be tricky, which is why we provide a calculator that helps take the guesswork out of your homebuying experience. Still unsure? Check out our resources below for further assistance.

  • Get step-by-step, personalized support through NFCC housing counseling.
  • Use the U.S. Department of Defense BAH Calculator to see how much you can expect to receive in housing benefits each month.