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Debt collectors sell debts to other debt collectors and make it confusing and hard to know who you actually owe the money to. This week's ask an expert tackles this topic to help you figure out how to pay your debts to the right people. #debt #askanexpert https://t.co/mAiL3ZUeYj

Creating financial victories on the homefront - Here's a great success story from @WellsFargo. https://t.co/ghcNFEh0NL #veterans #banking #results

Ask an Expert: Should I Open A New Line Of Credit Or Just Continue To Pay My Debt To Rebuild My Credit? - NFCC https://t.co/1iyvpsqlhD

Not a fun topic but here's our latest blog to help you manage your bank account. What Happens When Your Checking Account Goes Negative and What Steps Should You Take? https://t.co/8MF0WBpR3O

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