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Here are the latest press announcements and statements from the NFCC, including news from the previous year.

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This is a great testimony to the hard work and perseverance it takes to get #debt paid off. If you are struggling with overwhelming debt, we can help you build a #budget and a plan so you can experience the #freedom that comes from being debt free! #gma https://t.co/d1l7JDCWvc

Hurting without the $600 unemployment boost? Money moves to make now https://t.co/s0ycKgMn8P #pandemic #unemployment

Being prepared for hurricanes, tropical storms, and other natural disasters should include a post-disaster financial checklist. This @NFCC resource can help you make a plan. 🌀 https://t.co/n4ZNNMhRR5

How the coronavirus pandemic can impact your personal finances, according to experts https://t.co/LNdKtc6IgD

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