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Join Us for Our Tax Return Themed #FinFitChat March 26th at 3pm ET!

By Guest Blogger | Wednesday March 20th, 2019

Follow #FinFitChat as we discuss planning for your tax refund, how to handle an unexpected tax bill and more! 

Make plans to join our #FinFitChat on Twitter on Tuesday March 26th at 3pm EDT! There will be 2 chances to win an Amazon gift card!

 1-$25 Amazon gift card

2-$15 Amazon gift card

Use #FinFitChat to participate.

For an easy way to keep track of the conversation, try using TweetChat.

Questions we’ll discuss:

Q1. When is the federal income tax filing deadline?

Q2. When should you pay someone to file your taxes?

Q2. What tips do you have for someone filing their own taxes?

Q3. Should I file my state and federal taxes at the same time?

Q4. What happens if someone misses the deadline for filing?

Q5. Do taxes affect your credit or credit score?

Q6. What should you do if you can’t afford your tax bill?

Q7. Is there anything you can do if your taxes are garnished for unpaid taxes or defaulted student loans?

Q8. Is it better to save my tax return or to pay down debt?

Q9. Is it ok to spend my tax refund on something fun like a trip?

Q10. Any final tips on how to use a tax refund or best practices for filing?



Anyone can participate, but you must be following @NFCC and RSVP below to win our prizes! 

Winner must be a US resident 18 or older.  No purchase necessary. Winners are randomly selected and announced within 1 day of the chat.  

To make it easier for us to keep track of attendees and pick our winners, please RSVP below with your twitter handle and email address. Winners will be selected at random from RSVPs.  If a winner is chosen who RSVPed but did not attend a second winner will be chosen.