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College Credit for Life Financial Literacy Video & Toolkit

Did you know that almost one-half of all college students have accumulated more than $3,000 in credit card debt? Or that one in 10 graduates owe as much as $7,000? When students arrive on college campuses most are carrying a credit card to help them cover everyday expenses. Many incoming students are living on their own for the first time, and with this new found independence comes the responsibility of managing their own finances. With this in mind, the NFCC developed this nine-minute video to teach students how to use credit responsibly and the consequences of mishandling credit.

The College Credit for Life Video and Toolkit introduces students to lessons surrounding the temptations and responsible use of credit cards. Much of the video features young people talking about the mistakes they themselves made in college. The video also features other voices, in the form of an apartment rental agent, a car salesman, and a human resources executive, all discussing the implications that both responsible or irresponsible use of credit can have as students prepare to move on from college and into the real world.

The video is available to be downloaded for free via the link provided. In conjunction with the video is a true/false quiz on financial literacy, and sample lesson plan for classroom instruction.