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Mortgage Reality Check

A Quiz for Homeowners

As a homeowner you may be concerned about your own ability to meet your mortgage payments, either now or in the near future. You may be frightened or feeling pressure from your mortgage company or other creditors. You may be at risk of foreclosing. Or, you may just be curious about your financial well-being if you have an adjustable mortgage rate that is likely to increase soon.

Homeownership is the American Dream – a dream everyone wants to preserve. But what’s your financial reality in light of a rising mortgage payment that may be hundreds of dollars more a month? What can you do to make things better if you are in trouble or think you will be?

Many homeowners with financial problems, especially those who are at immediate risk of losing their homes, are overcome with fear and denial. In many situations recognizing the warning signs, facing the reality, and taking action can make the difference that enables you to stay in your home and protect your family. The sooner you can get ahead of potential problems the better. Even if foreclosure seems inevitable, there may be options that can help you in certain circumstances.

NFCC Certified Housing Counselors have developed an easy-to-take homeowners’ “Mortgage Reality Check℠”, a quiz to help you understand your situation, identify problems, and provide guidance about your options and where to turn for help.

After you have submitted your answers a response will be given in one of the three following areas:

  • Immediate advice or assistance is recommended
  • Suggest you review the responsibilities of homeownership
  • You don’t appear to be at risk