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Money Management & Savings

As a first step to long-term, financial health you should take stock. Think about the choices you have made in the past, and the choices you would like to make in the future. You should try to be honest with yourself.

If you have a hard time denying yourself something you want, such as the latest electronic gadget or the most expensive new athletic shoes, you should try to find a way to remove the temptation. That might mean giving up the credit cards that appear to make things easy to buy. Or, if you can’t control an ATM habit you might want to consider getting rid of your ATM card. On the other hand you may be responsible in these areas, but have had setbacks because of a job loss or health problems. In this case, you still ought to work out a strategy to bounce back.

The sections on the right will provide you with the necessary tips and resources to develop sound money management skills, and build a budget that works for you.