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Get Debt Relief Advice

Having trouble keeping up with your monthly debt payments? NFCC offers many solutions to help you start getting relief and paying down your debt. We have many debt relief experts with experience in helping people start living more comfortable lives by helping them with debt relief advice thanks to financial counseling.

Another debt relief option is debt settlement. Debt settlement can also be known by other names such as debt arbitration or debt negotiation. It is a process through which some creditors accept less than the full amount owed, yet consider the debt as paid. Some settlement companies advertise that they can settle your debts for a fraction of what you owe with a program typically lasting between two and four years. Please see the following tips on evaluating debt settlement companies.

Many Americans are also in need of debt consolidation help. Debt consolidation consists of paying off high-interest loans by taking out a lower-interest loan. One form of debt consolidation is a debt management plan.