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Youth Education

Back to School Already?

 By Jana Castanon – NEW BLOGGER! It seems that the summer just started and here you are getting ready to send your kiddos back to school.  The stores have cleverly arranged their displays to entice your children to shop to their hearts’ content while the advertisers are making sure that they lure your children towards what are probably the most expensive products.  Companies are sending messages to your kids that, …Read More

Raising Money Smart Kids

 By Mark Foster One of the important life skills that parents need to teach their children is basic personal finances. All parents teach their children about money, whether intentionally or not. That’s because children hear how parents talk about money, credit cards and bills and see their financial behaviors, too. So it’s important for parents to model good financial practices for their children. Non-profit Credit Counseling of Arkansas (CCOA) has …Read More