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GreenPath Debt Solutions Provides To-Do List For Unemployed

While there are indications of the economy starting to slowly make a turnaround there are still many people out of work in the second half of the year who may need direction and help with prioritizing their financial to-do list. GreenPath Debt Solutions, a nationwide, nonprofit financial organization, based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, providing consumers with financial education, debt repayment programs, foreclosure prevention and bankruptcy counseling, has put together an …Read More

Preparing For Possible Unemployment: Part Two

According to a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey, worries about unemployment have tripled over the past year. Here are a few more tips from the NFCC to help you plan ahead for potential unemployment. Address any current medical issues and research medical insurance options. If you’re been delaying having that tooth filled or your annual checkup, be sure to take advantage of insurance coverage while you still have it. The loss …Read More

Planning Ahead For Possible Unemployment

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, unemployment applications rose by 9,000 last week. It was the second increase in three weeks and the biggest jump in a month. Unemployment has remained a major concern for many people across the nation. To ease some of that worry, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling recommends that consumers take the following steps to solidify their financial footing before a job loss becomes a reality in their life: …Read More