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Ask an Expert: How do I pay my credit card debt when my wages are garnished?

Q: How do I pay my credit card debt when my wages are garnished? Dear reader, I’m sorry to hear that you are having to deal with a wage garnishment while trying to keep your credit card payments on track. Paying your credit card debt when your wages are garnished can be very tough because you have limited options. However, you can carefully plan and enlist the help of NFCC certified …Read More

Holiday Debt Traps

Although we may wish otherwise, the fact is many things in life are rarely as good as they seem to be at first glance. In many cases, when you investigate the fine print, “free” is hardly ever really free, “deals” are usually anything but, and “guarantees” tend to have an awful lot of prerequisites or exclusions. As the holiday shopping season gets into full swing and our pocketbooks are flying …Read More

The Ultimate Guide to A Budget Vacation

Budget Travel Hacks to Stretch your Vacation Dollar Staycation is an Option That might not sound exciting but it’s often the cheapest option because there are no travel or flight costs and no accommodation costs. But don’t just sit at home. The trick is to do activities that you wouldn’t normally do. For example, most people haven’t been to their own town’s tourist attractions since they were on grade school …Read More

What Military Families Need to Know about the Changes to Military Retirement

by Shannon Razadin By now military families have heard about the impending changes to the military retirement system. Shannon Razsadin, executive director of the Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN), is here to break down what it means and explain who will be affected — and when. Why the change in military retirement? The DoD carefully considered the future of the force. The reality is, since the start of the all-volunteer …Read More

3 Important Things to Know About Your Credit Card

Over the last few decades, the security, convenience, and rewards offered by credit cards have made them a popular cash alternative for many consumers. At the same time, consumers should remember that, as enticing as they may be, credit cards represent a line of credit.   Every swipe and chip insertion adds to your card’s balance — and the balance you accrue on your credit card is a form of …Read More

How Does a Reverse Mortgage Work?

  As homeowners age and retire, income often becomes unsustainable, and the largest asset they have is the equity that they have accrued on their home over the length of their mortgage. However, with a reverse mortgage, it is possible to receive money from a bank in exchange for a portion of the equity on a house. This process can relieve financial stresses for elderly homeowners, but it does not …Read More

Ask an Expert: What Goes Into a Credit Score and How to Improve It

Q: I recently opened a couple of department store credit cards and noticed a drop in my credit score. Why did this happen? What goes into a credit score and how can I improve it? A: Dear reader, I appreciate your question because most of us overlook the long-term effects that opening new credit lines can have on our credit score. We usually think about the short-term benefits, such as …Read More

4 Tips to Prepare for Home Buying in a Hot Market

About the Author: Rob Walworth is the Director of Mortgage Sales at BECU.   There is a LOT of advice out there for buying a home. Rightfully so – because unless your last name is Gates or Branson, it’s probably the largest investment you’ll ever make.   As BECU’s director of Mortgage Sales, I’ve helped many people make that investment. While everyone’s finances, like their dream homes, are unique, one …Read More

Ask an Expert: How does credit counseling affect my credit score?

  Q: How does credit counseling affect my credit score? A: Dear reader, I applaud you for recognizing the importance of a healthy credit score. A healthy credit rating can help lead to home ownership, auto financing and the lowest rates for credit cards. Working with a financial professional is a good way to learn ways that help you manage your debt to get the best results. Simply talking to …Read More

6 Steps to Take Your Side Hustle to the Next Level

By Meredith Wood When you decide to start your own business, you’re taking a big step into exciting, new (and overwhelming) territory. While small business ownership can be thrilling and life-changing, only 30% of companies survive their 10th year. But you’re not scared—you welcome the challenge. You don’t plan on surviving—you plan on thriving. To achieve that level of success, you need to make sure your business is running right …Read More