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Social Security

#AskanExpert: Can a Pension be Garnished?

Q. Is my pension protected the same as Social Security when debt collectors are trying to collect from me? Can a pension be garnished?   Dear Reader,   Most of the time, pensions have the same protections from creditors or debt collectors as your Social Security benefits. However, your debt collectors could get some of your pension income through other collection activities that don’t include accessing your pension directly.   …Read More

#AskanExpert: Should I Use My Social Security to Fund My Children’s Retirement?

Q. I have more than enough to fund my retirement and I plan on retiring by age 62. I am considering taking my Social Security payout at age 62 and investing it in fairly aggressive stock funds for each of my two kids. I would like to put it into a trust that wouldn’t allow them to access the money until they are 60 years old to help fund their retirement. …Read More

Think Before Drawing Social Security Early

By Gary Silverman In a recent study by the Government Accountability Office a number of facts were given about the state of those nearing or at retirement age. As usual, they found that people have very little saved for retirement, at least compared to how much they might reasonably need for income replacement that might last three decades. And, as usual, people shy away from equities. Neither of these facts …Read More

Keeping Your Social Security CardSafe and Secure

By Carla Blair You may think if you have your Social Security number locked in your memory bank – and you definitely should if you’re an adult – that you’re all set and your information is secure, and that you don’t need your Social Security card on hand. But you’re ignoring the fact that if you don’t know where it is, someone else might, and this can be dangerous for …Read More

Social Security Statements Now Available Online

By Jason Alderman Up until last year, Social Security would send taxpayers an annual personalized statement showing a complete record of their taxable earnings as well as estimated retirement, disability and survivor benefits based on those earnings. Unfortunately, budget constraints brought on by the recession put an end to those yearly mailings. But there’s good news: Social Security has resumed mailing paper statements to workers 60 and older who aren’t …Read More

Women and Personal Finances

By Jason Alderman By many measures, women’s lives have changed substantially in recent decades. According to a comprehensive government report called Women in America, although certain social and economic situations for women have improved, when it comes to personal finances, many women still face challenging hurdles. Key report findings include:  Women live longer than men, but are much more likely to experience critical health problems that hamper their ability to …Read More

Financial Planning for Later-Life Marriages

By Jason Alderman Couples who marry as young adults usually don’t bring a lot of financial baggage to the table, aside from student loans and car payments. But what if you’re getting married in your 40s, 50s or later – after divorce, children, and years of building assets have complicated your economic situation? Do you and your spouse-to-be have a game plan for how to comingle your finances? The key …Read More

Should You Put Retirement on Hold?

By Jason Alderman Senior Director, Global Financial Education, VISA One indicator that our economy is still hurting is that more and more people are postponing retirement. According to the Department of Labor, the number of people over 55 still working has increased steadily since the recession began – 28.9 million at last count – and some surveys show more than a third of employees expect to work past age 70 …Read More