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Retiring Soon? Don’t Forget Tax Implications

By Jason Alderman If your retirement is not far off you’ve probably already started to estimate what your living expenses will be after the regular paychecks stop. Most would-be retirees remember to include routine expenses like housing (rent or mortgage), medical bills and prescriptions, insurance premiums, transportation – even food and entertainment. But don’t forget to factor in taxes, which can have a substantial impact on your cost of living, …Read More

When Retiring Together Doesn’t Make Sense

By Jason Alderman Back when people from my parents’ generation were first planning their lives together most married couples looked forward to working hard for a few decades, buying a house, raising a family, and then retiring together while they still had enough money and energy to travel and pursue favorite hobbies. Some couples do manage to pull this off and thrive, but for many others any of a host …Read More

A Debt Free Retirement

By Mark Foster When people think of retirement planning, there is one factor that is often overlooked – becoming debt free. But becoming debt free is one of the best things that you can do for your eventual retirement. The average monthly Social Security check is approximately $1,250. Imagine trying to live on that amount. Many retired Americans do. Imagine how much easier it would be for you as a …Read More

How to Avoid OverspendingYour Retirement Fund

By Carla Blair With the technological and medical advancements in the past few decades, life expectancies have become longer and longer. This poses a problem to those of retirement age: what if you outlive your savings? Here are some tips to help you make sure that that doesn’t happen, and that you will be financially safe for life—however long that is. Plan Ahead What are your monthly expenses now? They’ll …Read More

Borrowing From Your Retirement Savings

By Gary Silverman Life can throw you smack dab between a rock and a hard place. It’s times like this when you think about borrowing from your retirement savings, even though you know it’s not the best idea. While I hope you never find yourself in this situation, given the number of readers and the nature of life itself, I’m guessing someone reading this is struggling with this decision right …Read More

Retirement Plan Limits Increase in 2013

By Jason Alderman Benjamin Franklin once declared, “Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Although I don’t have any updates on the former, where taxes are concerned I do have news: As it does every year, the Internal Revenue Service announced 2013 cost-of-living adjustments to many of the amounts you and your employer can contribute toward your retirement accounts. These new limits mean most people will …Read More

Choosing a Financial Advisor: Part One

By Gary Silverman People regularly ask me how to choose a financial advisor. After my stock answer of “choose me,” I begin by asking them why they want one. Financial advice means different things to different people. One such person told me that he had some stocks that he wanted to buy and wanted me to buy them for him. Well, that’s not giving financial advice. He did his own …Read More

For Mother’s DayDiscuss Mom’s Financial Future

By Jason Alderman On Mother’s Day, children of all ages thank their moms for the many sacrifices made during their childhoods — and well beyond, considering how many adult children still hit up their moms for a loan or free babysitting. Unfortunately, for many mothers those sacrifices extend well beyond sleepless nights and attending boring recitals. Women frequently leave the workforce during prime earning years to raise children or care …Read More

Stocks: Because You May Not DieAs Soon As You Think

By Gary Silverman, CFP® A major part of my career is to help people plan on achieving and maintaining a financially comfortable retirement. They pay me the same whether I put all of their money into stocks, or all of it into bonds so I have no incentivized bias toward one or the other. With the preliminaries out of the way let’s get started. The main reason why stocks need …Read More

Women and Personal Finances

By Jason Alderman By many measures, women’s lives have changed substantially in recent decades. According to a comprehensive government report called Women in America, although certain social and economic situations for women have improved, when it comes to personal finances, many women still face challenging hurdles. Key report findings include:  Women live longer than men, but are much more likely to experience critical health problems that hamper their ability to …Read More