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How To Make Renting Simpler and More Affordable While Improving Your Credit

Renting has, for a long time, been a stepping stone to homeownership. Yet, over the past 50 years, more Americans are renting for longer periods, with many never moving beyond that point. Additionally, rental prices are going up everywhere, while the availability of units has stagnated and even decreased in some markets.    More restrictive lending in the housing market is a key factor to why more people are renting …Read More

Changing the Playing Field for the Credit Invisible and Unscorable

Credit is important. It follows you for your whole life and you can’t start over. It’s what enables you to get a cell phone, utilities, insurance, a car loan, and even a home mortgage. Yet, many individuals don’t know how their everyday financial behaviors and payments can influence this critical aspect of your financial life. This is further compounded by a big problem with the U.S. lending system – the …Read More

5 Reasonably Affordable Big Cities to Rent

By Tali Wee  Buying a home is not in the cards for all, especially in markets where home values recovered, wages aren’t increasing and rents are rising. Some homeowners lost their properties during the Great Recession, forcing them into the rental market, but many others rent because they simply cannot afford to buy. Nationally, rents are currently rising faster than home values and cost renters about 30 percent of their …Read More