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Pre-paid Debit Cards

Clearing Up the Considerable Confusionin Plastic Terminology:Prepaid Debit Cards,Debit Cards, Secured Credit Cards, Prepaid Credit Cards, Unsecured Credit Cards, Charge Cards,Gift Cards

By John Ulzheimer Ok, I get it…the world of financial services can be complicated and confusing. It’s hard to calculate APRs, and it’s hard to forecast interest paid on long term credit card debt. And, according to a recent survey by VantageScore Solutions and The Consumer Federation of America, consumers don’t know very much about credit scores. But nothing, and I mean nothing, has caused more confusion lately than the misuse …Read More

Pros and Cons of Prepaid Debit Cards

By Lauralynn Schueckler Debit cards have become a commodity as many consumers choose to carry less cash, and stick to carrying plastic instead. Prepaid debit cards are popular for many individuals because of the convenience of having a debit card, but knowing they cannot overdraw from their checking account with it. Before running out to sign up for a prepaid debit card it is important to understand the benefits and …Read More