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5 Steps to Take Before Moving Out of Your Parent’s Home

Living with one’s parents can be a great way to save money and prepare for adulthood. And it’s more common than you might imagine. As Pew Research noted, some 15% of millennials ages 25 to 35 still lived with their parents as of 2016. Some statistics say it may be even double that. This is a new trend, with Generation Xers living at home at much lower rates at the …Read More

5 Mistakes Most Millennials are Making with Their Money

Despite making more money than our parents’ generation, many millennials are still behind when it comes to their finances. Their financial future might be in jeopardy unless they realize the changes that need to be made in their money management. To make the wisest decisions in our finances, it’s important to know these five mistakes most millennials are making with their money.    1 – No plan for their cash …Read More

Study: Why Millennials Are Waiting to Buy a Home — for Now

By Deborah Kearns of NerdWallet They’re graduating from college, starting new jobs, getting married and having kids. But one life goal that’s eluding a lot of millennials is homeownership, according to a new NerdWallet white paper. It’s not that millennials don’t want to own a home. In fact, NerdWallet, a personal finance website, found that most millennials would like to buy a home but think they can’t afford it. In its analysis, …Read More