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Life Insurance 101

By Jason Alderman Life insurance has no one-size-fits-all option. Singles with no dependents often need little or no coverage. But it can be an important purchase for people whose families depend on their income to cover daily living costs, mortgage repayment, college, retirement or other major expenses. According to Larry Davidman, owner of online insurance brokerage TermWorks.com, your life insurance needs likely will change as family circumstances evolve. “Once you …Read More

Medicare Open Enrollment Comes Early

By Jason Alderman Senior Director, Global Financial Education, Visa, Inc. If you’re enrolled in Medicare, mark these dates on your calendar: October 15, 2011 – December 7, 2011. That’s Medicare’s 2012 Open Enrollment period – and you should note that it occurs a month earlier this year than in the past. Aside from exceptions made for a few special circumstances, such as moving outside a plan’s service area, this is …Read More

The Assurance Of Having Insurance

Today, you can get insurance on almost every purchase you make. Besides the traditional, such as auto, home and life insurance, you can also insure your computer, MP3 player, jewelry and works of art. Celebrities have even gone as far as to insure particular body parts: Bruce Springsteen’s voice is insured for $6 million dollars, and NFL quarterback Peyton Manning reportedly insured his right arm. But when it come down to …Read More