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5 Ways Car Insurance Companies Determine Your Premium

When it comes to car insurance, most people realize there are many factors that go into determining your risk and ultimately how much you pay. Some might be obvious, others … not so much. Here are just a few of the things insurers consider when calculating your car insurance rate.   The City (or Town) You Live In   If you’re an urban dweller, you may have a higher insurance …Read More

Helping Your Family to Best Use Life Insurance Money After You’re Gone

Life insurance is a staple of financial planning conversations, and despite decreases in purchase rates, 59% of Americans own this important product, according to LIMRA’s annual survey. The reasons people purchase coverage are incredibly varied, and many people have multiple financial intents that influence their decision, but some of the most common are related to replacing income, leaving an inheritance and paying for key expenses, such as a mortgage. In …Read More

Ask an Expert: What are the Best Small Business Healthcare Options?

Q: What are the best small business healthcare options? Dear Reader, Navigating the jungle of employee benefits can be a daunting challenge for small business owners, no matter if the decisions involve a sole proprietorship or a team of several employees. First and foremost, it should be noted that employer sponsored healthcare coverage is optional for businesses with 50 or fewer full-time employees. As the owner, you have a wide …Read More

Financial Post Disaster Checklist

Although we’ve all heard that we should be prepared in case of a disaster whether it be a house fire or a hurricane, we often put it off thinking the chances aren’t very high that anything will happen. But when a natural disaster strikes, there are so many pieces to take into consideration. Here’s a post disaster checklist to help! Contact your flood and home insurance companies and file insurance …Read More

Under 26? Should You Stay on Your Parent’s Health Insurance?

By Jason Alderman In their quest to land a job, any job, many young adults will sacrifice what used to be called “fringe benefits” to gain a foot in the door. But many entry-level jobs either offer no healthcare benefits, or the employee’s cost share is prohibitive for someone barely making minimum wage. Add to the equation that most twentysomethings are in good health and rarely visit the doctor, and …Read More

Watch Out For PotholesIn Your Car Insurance

By Jason Alderman Would you be surprised to learn that if your laptop gets stolen during a car break-in, your automobile insurance probably won’t reimburse you for the loss? Don’t be. Many people have only a vague idea of things like: what their car insurance does and doesn’t cover; how they might accidentally void their coverage; or that even if an accident isn’t their fault, their own insurance may not pay …Read More

Must-have Insurance Plans

By Jason Alderman Many people adopt a “penny wise, pound foolish” mentality when it comes to buying insurance. When trying to lower expenses, some will drop or reduce needed coverage, gambling that they won’t become seriously ill, suffer a car accident, or fall victim to a fire or other catastrophe. But all it takes is one serious uncovered (or under-covered) incident to potentially wipe you out financially. Here are insurance …Read More

Is It Time To Check Your Insurance?

By Gary Silverman I’ve noticed that while people love to watch their investments hourly when it comes to insurance they buy it and forget about it. This is unfortunate, because your insurance needs tend to change more often than your investment needs. Even though I study and advise on insurance matters regularly, I still avail myself to the advice of experts in personal property and casualty, life, health, and business …Read More

Should You Buy Wedding Insurance?

By Jason Alderman Disastrous wedding mishaps have long been a comedy staple, probably because so many of us can relate. What bride- or groom-to-be hasn’t had nightmares about hurricane-force winds blowing over the reception tent, or a drunken cousin falling into the wedding cake? Besides the potential for embarrassing memories, there’s a lot of money at stake: According to WeddingStats.org, the average wedding in 2012 will cost nearly $27,000, not …Read More

Can’t Afford Health Insurance?Here’s What To Do

By Stacy Johnson If you’re one of the 50 million Americans without health insurance you may think your only healthcare option is the emergency room. Not true. If you’re going without insurance, or know someone who is, this post is just what the doctor ordered. Chuck, a good friend of mine, has now been without a “real” job for more than three years. He does odd jobs to stay alive, …Read More