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Identity Theft Protection

How to Keep Your Digital Currency and Online Transactions Safe

Smartphones provide nearly everything we need for communication, travel, entertainment, and even financial tasks like shopping and banking. With the popularity of payment apps like Venmo, Apple Pay, and PayPal, carrying our wallets is no longer essential. However, there are some drawbacks to using your smartphone for digital currency and online transactions, including the rise in cybersecurity risks. How can we enjoy the freedom and flexibility of these services while …Read More

Data Security: 7 Ways to Safeguard Your Customers

It may not seem like the data your small business accumulates would be sufficient to draw the attention of cyber criminals. But, data hacking is a growing concern for businesses of all sizes. In fact, half of all U.S. small businesses were targeted by phishing attacks in 2016, according to one industry survey. Taking that bait can be costly in dollars and reputation. Fortunately, there are a number of practices …Read More

Identity Theft Prevention: Equifax Data Breach—How We Respond

The recent data breach at Equifax (one of the nation’s three credit reporting agencies) was also the largest, exposing 143 million American consumers’ sensitive personal information. The need to increase our due diligence and ramp up individual efforts to reduce the risk of identity theft, or at least minimize the damage if it has already occurred, has never been more urgent. According to Equifax, the data breach lasted from mid-May …Read More

What To Do If Someone Files A False Tax Return in Your Name

By Nat Sillin Few things cause more concern than a letter in the mail from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Though the agency sends out letters or notices for many reasons, identity theft is one of the fastest-growing issues for the IRS. In short, identity thieves have been capturing Social Security numbers and other tax filing data file fraudulent returns for the purpose of stealing tax refunds. This has been a …Read More

5 Essential Habits to Protect Your Identity in Your Own Home

By Kimberly Rotter Identity protection is more than safeguarding your credit card numbers while shopping and your passport while traveling. In addition to old fashioned pickpockets on the subway, cyber thieves are standing ready, looking for a chance to five-finger your valuables digitally. And a trusted person with access to your home can become a perpetrator when given the opportunity. “Identity theft can happen quickly, and unfortunately sometimes from people …Read More

Do You Need ID Theft Insurance or Credit Monitoring?

By Jason Alderman You’d have to be living under a rock not to be concerned about identity theft. It seems like every other month there’s a new report about another massive data breach somewhere in the world. Not surprisingly, a thriving industry has sprung up around helping to protect consumers from identity theft. Most of these services are pretty expensive, and many consumer organizations argue that they merely take actions …Read More

Don’t Get Spooked by ID Theftof the Dead

By Jana Castanon It seems when it comes to stealing from other people, ID thieves are willing to reach beyond the grave. It’s sad to think that our loved ones identities could be used to commit fraud, and unfortunately each year millions of families are affected. The thieves use the information from obituaries, and even the Social Security Administration, to gather information they need to commit crimes. Aptly enough, the …Read More

Protecting Your Online Identity

By Jana Castanon Recently in the news we heard that 13 politicians and celebrities had their personal information hacked from their computer and posted on an online website. While some of the information was false, the credit reporting agency Equifax was able to confirm that in at least 4 cases the information posted was accurate. Consumers should take notice. Even being diligent with online security measures is sometimes not enough. While hackers are getting …Read More

Identity Theft:It’s Not Just for Grownups!

By Neale Godfrey Imagine finding out that your eight year-old has a house in foreclosure thousands of miles away. How about getting collection calls because  your young teen is several payments behind on a car loan? These are not far-fetched scenarios. According to a study conducted by Carnegie Melon’s CyLab, over 10% of the children studied reported that someone had used their Social Security number fraudulently. Kids have pristine records with no real …Read More

Income Tax Identity Theft

By Jana Castanon Be Aware Now Identity Theft. You know what it is. You have heard ads, news reports, and warnings on ways to protect yourself. You probably have a firewall on your computer, are more cautious when you are using your credit or debit cards, and more mindful when you are giving out personal information. But, are you protecting yourself from the fastest growing area of identity theft – income tax …Read More