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Where Can Millennials Afford to Buy Homes?

By Jennifer Riner of Zillow With rent prices across the nation higher than ever, millennials are dipping into their savings and taking the plunge into real estate investing, maybe a little sooner than they had expected for themselves. But why not now? Mortgage rates are at an all-time low, and homeownership has its perks – like customizable interior upgrades and one of the largest return-on-investment opportunities one can make in …Read More

3 Tips to Negotiate Property Upgrades Before Purchasing a Home

By Tali Wee Whether you’re buying a newly constructed home or an existing home, you’ll inevitably want to change or upgrade some aspect of the home before you close. Below are three tips to achieve this goal without leaving anything to chance.     Know What You’re Looking for in a Home Inspection An existing home will always have some wear and tear. It could be a truly small issue …Read More

Tips for Buyers to Narrow Their Home Searches

By Tali Wee  Although the national housing marketplace is predominately a seller’s market, many aspiring homeowners are taking the plunge into ownership. Why? Monthly mortgages are incredibly low compared to median rent prices, due to low mortgage rates and rising rents. The potential monthly savings of owning combined with a long-term investment are making many people consider buying. Inventory is still tight in most markets, requiring buyers to complete their due …Read More

3 Tips for Buyers Bidding on Competitive Homes

By Tali Wee Entering a bidding war can be one of the most stressful scenarios for homebuyers. Having to compete with other buyers offering more than the asking price can be emotionally and financially draining. While not the preferred purchase method, bidding wars can provide positive results for buyers who implement key strategies that accommodate sellers’ wishes. To enhance the odds of receiving an accepted offer on a hot home, follow …Read More

Tips for Prospective Homebuyers with No Credit

By Tali Wee New homebuyers often ask: can I get a mortgage with no credit? The short answer is no. However, almost nobody has absolutely no credit. So, even if you don’t have a credit score, mortgage lenders may still lend to you based on other components of your credit history. What Credit History Lenders Look For If you’ve never had traditional credit like credit cards, student loans or car …Read More

Who Pays Closing Costs In A Home Purchase?

By Tali Wee  Understanding all the details of a home purchase can be overwhelming and downright confusing for some, and especially when it comes to closing costs. Before buying, shoppers must budget the future monthly costs of owning, including property taxes and insurance, and then add on the down payment and other fees due at closing. Closing costs are tough to fully understand because they vary by location, lender, and …Read More

How to Get Pre-Approved for a Home Loan

By Tali Wee Many homebuyers think there’s no difference between mortgage pre-qualification and mortgage pre-approval. But the difference can mean getting a home or missing the opportunity. Pre-Qualification A pre-qualification doesn’t mean you’ve secured financing. It means you’ve had a short conversation with a loan officer about your estimated purchase price, down payment, income, debts, and credit score. Then they give you a feel for what your rates and monthly …Read More

Credit Counselor Nitzsche: Once Helped, Now He Helps

By Cliff Goldstein Like a lot of young adults, Thomas Nitzsche was able to get approved for several credits cards with high spending limits when he was in his early 20s. And like a lot of people, Nitzsche soon found himself buried under a mountain of debt. “I always maintained good credit, but I was facing about $10,000 in combined debt,” Nitzsche says of that stressful period a decade ago. …Read More

Tips for Renting a Home When Your Credit is Poor

By Stacy Johnson If you’ve ever found yourself in search of a new place to live and your credit is less than perfect, you probably know it’s not easy. It may be especially difficult right now, because in many U.S. cities, rental properties are in short supply, and demand is high. A tight market generally means the qualification criteria will be more stringent to weed out applicants. But there are ways to persuade landlords …Read More

Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgages

By Jason Alderman Over the last decade, reverse mortgages have been aggressively pitched in TV ads as an easy way for seniors to cash in their home equity to pay for living expenses. However, for many, improper use of the product – such as pulling all their cash out at one time – has led to significant financial problems later, including foreclosure. In actuality, there are some cases where reverse …Read More