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Financial Spring Cleaning

Financial Spring Cleaning Tip of the Day: Decrease the Plastic in Your Wallet

Limit the number of credit cards you own and carry. Use just one card if you can – the fewer you have, the easier it is to remember your balance and keep track of total purchases. If you’re unsure which credit cards to cancel, carefully read your monthly statements to check out the annual fee, the interest rate you’ll pay, and any charges for overdue payments or going over your …Read More

3 Proven Ways to Shelter Your Finances in a Natural Disaster

When a natural disaster strikes, you think first about the lives of those closest to you. But a close second on your list should be securing your quality of life – and that means your finances. The tornadoes and storms that rocked the Southeast and Midwest could rack up more than $5.5 billion – with a “B” – worth of insurance claims. They also killed 354 people and wounded many …Read More