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Financial Scams

How to Keep Your Digital Currency and Online Transactions Safe

Smartphones provide nearly everything we need for communication, travel, entertainment, and even financial tasks like shopping and banking. With the popularity of payment apps like Venmo, Apple Pay, and PayPal, carrying our wallets is no longer essential. However, there are some drawbacks to using your smartphone for digital currency and online transactions, including the rise in cybersecurity risks. How can we enjoy the freedom and flexibility of these services while …Read More

Don’t Fall for the Latest Fake Check Scam!

By Sarah Clark Oster This week one of our CCCS staff members received great news – she was notified that she had won $150,000 through the UK’s Mega Lottery! Accompanying the letter she had received was a check for $3,990 (a portion of her winnings). All she needs to do is send $1,995 to the lottery claim agent to cover taxes on her winnings. Was our staff member excited? Did …Read More

Consumer Alert:5 Ways to Spot a Loan Modification Scam

By  Malcolm Johannessen Many homeowners are facing a seemingly never-ending sea of document requests and resubmission of paperwork to their lenders. There is an increase in mail and telephone solicitations as well. Many of these solicitors are looking for ways to get money out of you, and may not have your best interest in mind. Here are five surefire ways to spot a scam BEFORE you get taken for thousands …Read More

Fake Check Scams Continue to Spread

By Jason Alderman The other day I got one of those annoying emails from a supposed Nigerian prince promising rich rewards for helping to move money out of his country. It’s hard to believe those kinds of scams are still thriving, but they are. In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by the Consumer Federation of America, fraud (including fake checks, bogus sweepstakes and work-at-home schemes) is now among …Read More