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How to Save Money for a Rainy Day

By Lauralynn Schueckler Saving money for a rainy day may seem impossible at times. Everything around us seems to be increasing in price, yet pay remains stagnant. Everyone should attempt to put away money for an emergency, even if it is only a little at a time. Some easy ways to save money for a rainy day that will not require major changes to your budget include: • Throwing all …Read More

Why You Need Two Savings Accounts

By: Matt Bell You probably have a checking account, but do you also have a savings account? I recommend that you use two savings accounts. The first savings account is your emergency fund.  It’s for all of life’s ifs—if you lose your job or incur significant medical or house repair expenses that you weren’t planning for in your budget and that are not covered by insurance.  I used to believe …Read More

When an Emergency Fund Isn’t

I was reading Money magazine the other day and saw the results of a CNNMoney.com poll. It asked participants, “How much is in your emergency fund?” That 22% had less than three months of reserves and another 22% had none wasn’t the most disturbing part of the poll. What bothered me were the participant quotes. One, a nurse from Houston, said that while she had 6-months of living expenses saved …Read More