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Debit Cards

Poll Results Show Credit Cards Stay Home This Summer

By Bruce McClary The June online poll conducted by the NFCC revealed how consumers intend to pay for their summer vacations this year. Among the available choices, the credit card seems to be the one most likely to face the same fate as Kevin from the movie Home Alone. According to the survey responses, people preferred to enjoy vacation with their own cash or debit cards. Sorry credit! It is natural to be …Read More

How to Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy

By Barb Miller Most people I work with are very concerned about improving their credit scores post-bankruptcy. This is a good thing since nearly all important transactions like finding a job, buying insurance, financing a car or home, or even renting an apartment may well depend on your credit score. The good news is you can have excellent credit again! But, it will take time and hard work to get …Read More

Clearing Up the Considerable Confusionin Plastic Terminology:Prepaid Debit Cards,Debit Cards, Secured Credit Cards, Prepaid Credit Cards, Unsecured Credit Cards, Charge Cards,Gift Cards

By John Ulzheimer Ok, I get it…the world of financial services can be complicated and confusing. It’s hard to calculate APRs, and it’s hard to forecast interest paid on long term credit card debt. And, according to a recent survey by VantageScore Solutions and The Consumer Federation of America, consumers don’t know very much about credit scores. But nothing, and I mean nothing, has caused more confusion lately than the misuse …Read More

Financial Tips for College Freshmen

By Gail Cunningham For incoming freshmen college often means one thing: freedom. That freedom can come in the form of no curfew, no set study time, or no one looking over your shoulder as you spend money. Such freedoms can be part of a positive growth experience, or create negative situations which take years to recover from.  Last year more than 60,000 young adults under the age of 24 came to …Read More

Is a Secured Credit Card a Good Solution for You?

By Jana Castanon – NEW BLOGGER! With today’s difficult economy and with life events such as divorce and catastrophic health issues, many people have not been able to keep their finances afloat and as a result their credit scores reflect their struggles. Combine their poor credit history with our economy’s increasing reliance to transact business with plastic cards, those that are struggling with their finances feel like they are really …Read More

Overwhelming Majority of Consumers Would Change Financial Institutions to Avoid Paying Debit Card Fee

By Gail Cunningham, NFCC Vice President of Membership & Public Relations NFCC Advises Consumers to Talk Before They Walk The October online poll conducted by the NFCC revealed that only three percent of more than 2,400 respondents would continue using their current debit card as usual if a fee were imposed. “People have become very aware of how they spend their money, even small amounts, and that’s a good thing,” said …Read More