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#AskanExpert: Our Car Payments are Too High, What Options Are There Other Than Refinancing?

Q. My husband and I recently separated from Active Duty Air Force. We have two vehicles with high payments that we will no longer be able to afford. I’m not sure refinancing would help because our credit is in the low-mid 600s and we still owe a lot on both vehicles. Are there options other than refinancing? Dear Reader, First and foremost, thank you for your service to our country! …Read More

5 Ways Car Insurance Companies Determine Your Premium

When it comes to car insurance, most people realize there are many factors that go into determining your risk and ultimately how much you pay. Some might be obvious, others … not so much. Here are just a few of the things insurers consider when calculating your car insurance rate.   The City (or Town) You Live In   If you’re an urban dweller, you may have a higher insurance …Read More

Figuring out How Much Car You Can Afford (and the Cost of Overestimating)

Easy transportation continues to be a necessity for most of us. About 9% of U.S. households have no vehicle at all, although some adults choose to forgo a car and use public transportation. But if you’re in the market to purchase a car, you’ll need to figure out how much you can afford.   Car ownership has never been cheap. Alongside the costs of purchasing a vehicle (whether new or …Read More

How to Get the Best Deal on a New Car

Cars are vital for people to get to work and back, haul the kids around and take a drive around the town. There should be a good amount of research and preparation done before the purchase as cars are usually the second largest purchase people make in America besides their homes.   Below are some written some tips on how to get the best deal on a new car: Compare …Read More

Ask an Expert: What can I do if I cosigned a car loan for a vehicle that is inoperable and repossessed?

Q. What are the options for someone who cosigned on a car loan for a vehicle that is now inoperable and repossessed?   A: Dear reader, A car repossession is one of those situations that requires fast action to mitigate the legal and financial impact.  An NFCC counselor can work with you to understand the financial implications of car repossession on your budget and credit.  However, you should also consider …Read More

Benefits of Buying a New vs. Used Car

At some point in their lives, a lot of Americans are faced with the decision of whether or not to buy a new car. It certainly has its benefits – no miles, brand-new upholstery, that sweet new car smell. However, is it worth it? There are plenty of benefits to purchasing a used car as well. It really depends on your situation and what you see as the best fit. …Read More

Save Money on Gas

By Lauralynn Schueckler The cost of living continues to rise for the average American, forcing many to make drastic budget cuts and eliminate many luxuries from their lives. One element that is a necessary component in nearly every person’s life is the availability of a car. However, the rising cost of gas has travelers looking for ways to save money. Here are a few strategies that will help the penny pincher …Read More

Watch Out For PotholesIn Your Car Insurance

By Jason Alderman Would you be surprised to learn that if your laptop gets stolen during a car break-in, your automobile insurance probably won’t reimburse you for the loss? Don’t be. Many people have only a vague idea of things like: what their car insurance does and doesn’t cover; how they might accidentally void their coverage; or that even if an accident isn’t their fault, their own insurance may not pay …Read More

Keep Your Credit And Your Car Tuned Up

Summer provides the perfect time for road trips and vacation getaways with family and friends. But with the price of gasoline fluctuating, as well as the price of car maintenance, the cost of keeping your car on the road can really add up. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) recommends several preventative automotive care measures to keep your credit and your car tuned up: Be smart about buying gasoline. …Read More