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When to Teach Kids About Money?

When they were born, a relative gave each of my twin sons a piggy bank.  We immediately set it aside, but as my kids have gotten older (they’re now three), they’re starting to learn what a piggy bank is.  Sort of.

Here’s a quick transcript of last night:

As spoken by my three year old son:  “Mommy, get me my piggy bank! And I need money!”

Heard five minutes later: “I don’t have enough money!”

For the moment, let’s leave the last part out, as he doesn’t even know what quarters, nickels, dimes , and pennies are, let alone what they are worth.  He just knows he wants his piggy bank as full as possible, just for the sake of having it full.  But it got me wondering: When is the right time to teach kids about money and how to handle it responsibly?

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