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NFCC Adds New Member

Novadebt Credit Counseling Joins National Nonprofit Network The NFCC is proud to welcome Novadebt to the NFCC network of nonprofit credit counseling agencies.  “We are delighted to welcome Novadebt as the newest member of the NFCC,” said Susan C. Keating, president and CEO of the NFCC. “Novadebt has for years demonstrated its commitment to quality credit counseling and will be a strong asset to the NFCC.  Given the challenging financial circumstances …Read More

Start Making Some Money Plans

By Sara Gilbert, GreenPath Debt Solutions Why do we wait to take action? Especially when the chips are down and decisions are difficult, taking action can be tough indeed. Doing nothing, though, has its own set of consequences, so why do we wait? In our counseling sessions at GreenPath, many if not most clients, tell us that they waited quite some time before making an appointment with one of our …Read More

Wells Fargo Supports Non-Profit Foreclosure-Prevention Counseling Through NFCC Grant

The NFCC has received a grant of $250,000 from Wells Fargo & Company to support the delivery of foreclosure-prevention counseling. The NFCC appreciates Wells Fargo & Company for recognizing the continued need for nonprofit foreclosure-prevention counseling, and supporting it through this grant to the NFCC and its member agency network.  “Wells Fargo’s commitment to funding nonprofit credit counseling speaks volumes about their concern for the financial stability of today’s struggling homeowner,” …Read More

One In Four Americans Would Not Inform Spouse of Financial Difficulties

The NFCC’s September online poll revealed that 24% percent of more than 1,400 respondents would not tell their spouse if experiencing financial difficulties.  Reasons given for withholding the information included the fear that it would worry the spouse (9%); that the spouse is unaware of the debt (8%); that it would damage the relationship (7%).  “Even if well-intentioned, withholding financial information from a spouse is not a sign of a healthy …Read More

Financial Educator of the Year Named

Teaches Personal Finance to Thousands Each Year Providing financial education to Americans can be challenging.  Providing it to a group of people from a country where credit is scarcely used, banking accounts are rare, and most have never made a rent or house payment takes a special person.  That person is Sandy Joel, the NFCC 2011 Professional Achievement and Counseling Excellence (PACE) Educator of the Year. The Republic of the Marshall …Read More

Credit Counselor Honored For Outstanding Work

Outstanding Individual Counselor Named Consumers in Nevada would agree that their state could rival all others when it comes to economic setbacks.  While consumers are forced to face incredible challenges, helping them put the pieces of a broken financial life back together is a challenge Jill Perry with Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Southern Nevada and Utah willingly takes on. Of more than 3,000 NFCC counselors, only one is selected each …Read More

Michigan Couple Refuses To Walk Away From Debt Obligations

Repays $92,000 through Debt Management Plan Many people would walk away from $92,000 in credit card debt, but not Jerry and Sue Bailey, who were recently honored with the NFCC’s Professional Achievement and Counseling Excellence (PACE) Clients of the Year Award.  The Jackson, Michigan couple was committed to repaying their debt obligations in spite of having had bankruptcy recommended to them.  Searching for alternatives, their credit union suggested they reach …Read More

NFCC Honors Achievements In Financial Literacy

Making the Difference Awards Bestowed on National Leaders Making a difference is the definition of a life well-lived, and the NFCC is proud to recognize four people who have done exactly that. The NFCC’s Making the Difference Awards honor individuals who have made a significant contribution to assisting consumers with financial literacy, awareness and education. At its Annual Leaders Conference held in San Francisco, CA from September 19 – 21, the …Read More

Credit Counselors Gather in San Francisco

National Foundation for Credit Counseling Holding Annual Leaders Conference To Discuss Issues Impacting the American Consumer As our country continues to struggle economically, the NFCC is meeting in San Francisco September 19-21 to hear from industry leaders and address the many pressing issues confronting Americans.  It can be argued that there has never been a more critical time to focus on the many economic hardships facing consumers today, and develop solutions …Read More

Wells Fargo Increases Commitment to Credit Counseling Nonprofits; NFCC to Receive $250K

Wells Fargo & Company today announced it will increase its commitment to credit counseling nonprofits by $5.4 million to a total of $12.4 million in 2011 — a 35 percent increase over the $9.2 million in 2010 — for national and local credit counseling agencies. The company has taken this extra measure in an effort to sustain vital services provided by non-profit agencies who work with customers with financial challenges …Read More