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Financial Goal Setting for Military Families

It’s hard to make a plan for your finances when you don’t know where you’re going. That is why it’s important to set financial goals. It’s even more important when you’re in the military because with military life comes lots of transition. When you’re in the constant state of transition, it makes it difficult to plan for anything let alone your money. Taking the time to set your financial goals …Read More

What Military Families Need to Know about the Changes to Military Retirement

by Shannon Razadin By now military families have heard about the impending changes to the military retirement system. Shannon Razsadin, executive director of the Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN), is here to break down what it means and explain who will be affected — and when. Why the change in military retirement? The DoD carefully considered the future of the force. The reality is, since the start of the all-volunteer …Read More

Military Home Purchases and Financial Factors to Consider

By Carla Blair There is always a great debate among active duty service members who live off base regarding whether they should rent or buy a home near their current duty station. This discussion rages from the fact that military members are often burdened with frequent moves or calls for deployment – leaving their homes and family while overseas. The decision to rent or buy stems from many factors including …Read More