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NFCC Gives Thanks By Giving

The compound word Thanksgiving is made up of two very meaningful and powerful words, both deserving of reflection during this Thanksgiving season.The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) expresses thanks to the many that support their mission of creating a culture of financially responsible behavior through financial education. Turning a mission statement into a reality has become even more challenging due to the recent economic downturn, as job losses, foreclosures and disappearing financial safety nets have dramatically increased the demand for the NFCC Member Agencies’ services. Without the support of the many stakeholders and partners who steadfastly believe that creating a more financially stable tomorrow for all Americans is a worthwhile goal, even during hard times, the ability for NFCC Member Agencies to continue delivering sound financial education could have been compromised. To you we offer sincere thanks.

Along with this expression of gratitude, the NFCC wants to also participate on the giving side. Toward that end, consumers will now find two of the NFCC’s most popular educational products available online and available for download free of charge at

“College Credit for Life,” a nine-minute video, was created to educate incoming college students about how to use credit responsibly and the consequences of failing to do so. Much of the video features young people talking about the mistakes they themselves made in college. It also features other voices%2