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Financial Literacy Month Chock Full of Events and Activities for Consumers

As you may or may not know, April is Financial Literacy Month. 

Here at the NFCC, we try to live every month as though it were Financial Literacy Month.  But at the same time, we also know that you may not.  To that end, the NFCC and its Member Agencies are maximizing the opportunity to highlight financial education to consumers through a series of events this month, including:

Release of National Survey Results on Consumer Financial Literacy. The fifth annual national survey is rich with data around consumers’ shifts in spending and saving in recent years, what circumstances Americans feel are acceptable reasons for defaulting on a mortgage, how closely they monitor and keep track of their own finances, who they turn to for advice and help, how receptive they are to professional financial advice and education and their overall financial health.

Take the Debt Free Pledge Campaign. During April, the NFCC is asking consumers across the country to take a pledge to become debt free.  The pledge is a no-strings-attached commitment to one’s self, and asks the individual to write down four things: how they got into their current financial situation, the concrete steps they intend to take to resolve it, and both their short and long-term goals. The initiative is meant to encourage individuals to take action by focusing on their financial situation, understanding the benefits associated with a debt-free lifestyle and taking the steps necessary to move toward financial stability. Consumers can visit the NFCC website to take the pledge, view the materials, and find tips on making their debt-free dream a reality.

Shred Your Debt Day. Partnering with Cintas Document Management and Equifax, the NFCC will host a series of monthly Shred Your Debt events in the cities identified as most in need of financial education, with the kick-off event at the Consumer Credit Counseling Service in Wilmington on April 30.

Shred Your Debt Contest. To bring additional consumer attention to financial literacy, Cintas Document Management, Equifax and the NFCC are hosting a contest with the winner receiving $2,000 to pay down their existing debt, a money coaching session with a nationally recognized personal finance expert, the Equifax Debt Wiseâ„¢ product and ongoing credit counseling with an NFCC Member Agency. Contestants must submit an essay explaining their financial situation, and why they should be the one to win. To enter the contest, consumers can visit the NFCC website.

Answering your personal finance questions. The NFCC is teaming with USA Today to answer their reader’s personal finance questions during the last week of April. Credit counselors from NFCC Member Agencies across the country will assist consumers with their financial concerns related to credit, debt or housing through questions submitted to USA Today during that week.

National Poster Contest Winner Announced.  Each year the NFCC hosts the Be MoneyWi$e National Financial Literacy Poster Contest to introduce school-aged children to the concept of financial literacy, allowing them to express their concepts through artwork. This year close to 1,800 students from grades three through 12 submitted posters around the theme of “Be a Superhero! Save Money!” The national winner will be announced and honored at the 2011 Jump$tart Coalition Awards Dinner in Washington, DC on April 13.

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