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Be a $uperhero! $ave Money! NFCC Announces Annual Poster Contest

Every young boy and girl wants to be a superhero, and the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) is providing students with the opportunity to contemplate being a financial superhero and express it through art.

In an effort to spread lessons in financial literacy to our nation’s youth, the NFCC is once again sponsoring the Be Money Wi$e National Financial Literacy Poster Contest for 2011. The contest is designed to get students thinking about how to manage money effectively and offers them a creative outlet to demonstrate their knowledge.  It also offers the opportunity for local and national recognition for student artwork and rewards winners with U.S. savings bonds and other prizes.

The theme of the NFCC’s 2011 Be Money Wise Poster Contest is “Be a $uperhero! $ave Money!” All school-aged children in grades 3-12 are eligible to enter with local and national winners to be chosen from each of three grade categories.  Students from public or private schools may enter the contest, as well as home-schooled children or those in after-school programs.

Entries will be judged on expression of the theme, artistic style, and creativity, and must be submitted to an NFCC Member Agency for local judging. The submission deadline for poster entries is in February 2011, with specific deadlines varying by NFCC Member Agency.  

Local winners become National Finalists, as submitted by each NFCC Member Agency.  National Finalists will be placed in contention for three national awards, one per grade category, by a panel of judges representing academia, the media and government.  An overall National Winner will also be chosen from the three category winners.

All National Finalists will receive a commemorative t-shirt acknowledging their achievement.  Each national grade category winner will receive the t-shirt, an award plaque and a $100 savings bond. In addition to these prizes, the National Winner

 will be given an all-expense paid trip to Washington, DC with a parent or guardian and will be given official recognition in April as part of Financial Literacy Month on Capitol Hill.

The 2010 National Winner was Adrian Kimmok, an 11th grader from West High School in Torrance, CA.

To become involved, teachers, parents, and/or students are encouraged to visit the website t