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The Right Questions Can Make Homeownership More Affordable

Where we choose to live can be influenced by a whole host of factors. We might have family in a particular area. We might want to enjoy the endless cultural activities typically found in a big city, or crave the wide-open spaces of rural areas. We might opt to live close to work or in a particular school district.   If you’re looking for a new place to live, you …Read More

Smart Money Moves to Make Before You Get a Mortgage

The American dream—owning a home with a white picket fence—just may be alive and well. There are trillions of dollars’ worth of mortgages in the United States, with a surprisingly low amount of them in delinquency. That demonstrates that not only are Americans affording homes, but they’re doing it without missing frequent payments.   If you want the same for yourself, you may find there are a number of things …Read More

When is the Right Time to Get Your First Credit Card?

Is there an ideal age for someone to get  his or her first credit card?  Learning how to properly manage and pay off debt can be important lessons for the long haul. But a credit card in the hands of someone who has yet to learn personal financial responsibility can result in long-lasting consequences.   According to CNBC, the  optimal age for many people to get their first credit card …Read More

5 Steps to Take Before Moving Out of Your Parent’s Home

Living with one’s parents can be a great way to save money and prepare for adulthood. And it’s more common than you might imagine. As Pew Research noted, some 15% of millennials ages 25 to 35 still lived with their parents as of 2016. Some statistics say it may be even double that. This is a new trend, with Generation Xers living at home at much lower rates at the …Read More