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Can I Pay Rent With a Credit Card?

Can you pay rent with your credit card? Yes, you can. It isn’t ideal, but if you’re a responsible spender it can actually be lucrative if you have a rewards card. A lot depends on the way your landlord wants to receive rent. If you have the option of paying through third-party services then you should be able to pay rent online with a credit card, albeit with a fee …Read More

How to Plan Your Retirement On the Go

It’s common knowledge that you should start planning for retirement early. Staying on track requires learning how to carve out savings and knowing how to manage it all to make sure you have enough when the time comes. Whether you’re in the early stages of the planning process or you’re further down the line and need help managing the money you’ve already set aside, your phone can help. Getting in …Read More

4 Financial New Year’s Resolutions Anyone Can Make

It’s a situation familiar to many Americans: After indulging during the holiday season, the new year rolls around and it seems there’s no better time to make a permanent lifestyle change than Jan. 1. However, statistics suggest that just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions.   For those with money issues who want to improve their financial situation by Dec. 31 of next year, however, there are ways …Read More

How to Keep Your Digital Currency and Online Transactions Safe

Smartphones provide nearly everything we need for communication, travel, entertainment, and even financial tasks like shopping and banking. With the popularity of payment apps like Venmo, Apple Pay, and PayPal, carrying our wallets is no longer essential. However, there are some drawbacks to using your smartphone for digital currency and online transactions, including the rise in cybersecurity risks. How can we enjoy the freedom and flexibility of these services while …Read More

What Should Your Long-Term Business Financial Goals Look Like?

You have a handle on your personal financial goals, but what if you’re an entrepreneur? How you manage your business’ finances may look drastically different from your strategy for personal finances.   Whether you run a one-person show or have an extended team, being able to manage both the day-to-day of your finances as well as see the bigger picture is essential for small business success.   Keep an Eye on …Read More

Should You Open a Store Credit Card for Holiday Shopping?

Whether you’re tackling your holiday shopping in-store or online, chances are good you’ll be offered at least a few store credit cards this season. And those offers can be extremely tempting, full of alluring words like “20% off,” “free shipping,” and, perhaps the most appealing of all, “0% financing.”   But, as attractive as these offers can be, store credit cards aren’t always the innocent beacons of savings that their …Read More

How a Mortgage Can Save You Money in the Long Run

Conventional wisdom holds that buying a home is the best investment you can make, but despite rising rent prices across the country, many people are wondering if it’s still smarter to buy. While a home purchase may not be the best choice for everyone, if you’re focused on building a secure financial future, then the question of whether to buy or rent is a no-brainer.   Why It Pays to …Read More

4 Times to Consider Using a Credit Card for Black Friday Purchases

Although it’s nearly second nature for most consumers to pull out a credit card for their purchases, it may not always be the best idea for everyone. This can be especially true around the spend-happy holidays when we’re less inclined to stay on budget in the face of seemingly unbeatable sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.   At the same time, you don’t necessarily need to leave your credit …Read More

Should I Stay or Should I Go…Into the Blended Retirement System?

Cue the first line of lyrics from The Clash’s 1982 hit song, Should I Stay or Should I Go! For eligible service members who haven’t already made their decision regarding whether to stay in the Legacy Retirement System or go into the new Blended Retirement System, that is the question. And the countdown to decide is on. Eligible service members who are still unsure have until Dec. 31, 2018 to make their selection, which is a big …Read More

3 Ways Your Credit Cards Can Make Halloween More Affordable

For many people, October means the arrival of cooler weather, the beginning of the autumn season, and the start of the endless fall of leaves that must be raked. But for others — of all ages — October means just one thing: Halloween.   Yes, Halloween isn’t just for the kids these days; nearly 70% of consumers plan to celebrate Halloween this year, and they’ll spend an estimated $9 billion …Read More